Grizl'snot Backbiter

Goblin War Priest


iPlay4e Character Sheet

Pic by Tony DiTerlizzi

Grizl’snot is the son of The Great Warwallump Backbiter, goblin warlord and chieftain supreme! Grizl’snot wields the power of his god to bring death to his foes! Grizl’snot loves bacon, whateva. – Grizl’snot Backbiter

Grizl’snot, or Grizl to most who know him, is short and fat for a goblin. He spent his early years learning to cower before his father and bully his peers. He still follows that same pattern in his adult life, cowering before those he considers his betters and attempting to dominate anyone else.

Grizl wields a wickedly sharp sickle given to him under strange circumstances by his father. He worships Melgrum, The GobFather.

Grizl'snot Backbiter

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