The Gob Squad

Entering Camp

Walking all day long is awful. That is the first thing Grizl’snot Backbiter learned after joining up with the Army of Onyxian. After the first hour of walking Grizl began questioning the prophetic dream which caused him to join the army in the first place. After three hours he was pretty sure the dream had simply been the effects of some bad bacon mixed with spicy chili.

The dream had seemed real enough though when he had it. In the dream Grizl was standing atop a large hill, his prominent gut held out proudly before him, chainmail gleaming as a purple cape billowed out behind him in the wind. Grizl’snot Backbiter was a powerful warchief, hundreds of goblins and goblinkin arrayed behind him, ready to follow him into battle for the glory of his god Melgrum, The Gobfather. Holding aloft a great shield with the holy symbol of his god etched upon its surface Grizl let forth a mighty war cry and charged at the head of his army to bring destruction upon his foes!

The stupidity of leading a charge from the front aside, Grizl had felt pretty good about that dream, and so when recruiters for Onyxian’s army came two days later to the camp of his father, the great Warwallump Backbiter, it seemed an obvious sign. Here was his chance to fulfill the promise Melgrum had shown him in the dream and so he said “Yeah I’ll go wit yous.” before he had even thought it through.

Had Grizl known how much walking and how little eating would be involved he might have chosen differently. Finally arriving at the camp they were taken before the Captain and Grizl fully expected to be singled out for the destiny he was sure must be apparent to all those around him, only to be ignored until someone specifically pointed out the goblins standing in the front row.

The captain then assigned Grizl along with three other goblins to Sergeant Shifty, several people called Grizl fat which upset him though he didn’t let it show, they looked at some weapons which was boring, and then FINALLY they got to eat.

Afterwards Sergeant shifty told Grizl and the other goblins a story about how all of the livestock had been getting stolen and killed each night, and that no one had yet stopped whatever was causing the problem. This was something Grizl could get behind! Guarding the food was something he had trained for his entire life. So the four goblins went out to the field to guard the animals.

Grizl had the largest goblin, Gob Gob by name, make a fire so that he could nap, and then sent the other two goblins out to keep an eye out for trouble. After a wonderful, but entirely too short nap Grizl awoke to see shining eyes out in the darkness.

Wolves, of course! Grizl charged into battle, just like in his dream, smiting wolves and encouraging the other goblins to do the same. The entire battle took less than a minute but the power of Melgrum flowed through Grizl’snot like never before. He could feel the eye of the Gob Father watching over him.

Afterwards Grizl was a bit shocked by his own actions but tried to keep it to himself, which was made easier by Gob Gob’s discovery: the wolves had collars!


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